Does my religion support it?

All the major religions in the UK support the principles of organ and tissue donation and transplantation, accepting that organ and tissue donation is an individual choice. 

It is very important that people from all backgrounds donate organs, as there is a much better success rate when transplants are carried out within the same ethnic group.

Black and Asian people are twice as likely to need a kidney transplant than white people, so there is an even greater need for more black and Asian donors.

Supporting your faith and beliefs

We are committed to supporting your faith and beliefs throughout the organ or tissue donation process.

If you record a decision to become an organ and tissue donor, you can also record on the register whether your faith/belief is important and should be considered as part of the donation discussion. 

Our full faith and beliefs commitment

  • Buddhism

    In general, there are no injunctions for, or against, organ donation. If you're in doubt, a senior teacher within the tradition can give you guidance. 

  • Christianity

    Christians consider organ donation as a genuine act of love and a way of following Jesus’ example of helping others in need.

  • Hindu

    There are many references that support the concept of organ donation in Hindu scriptures, and it is an integral part of the Hindu way of life, as guided by the Vedas.

  • Islam

    The fatwa from the Muslim Law (Shariah) Council UK supports organ transplantation. However, some scholars believe organ donation isn’t permissible – so you may want to seek individual advice from your Imam. 

  • Judaism

    In principle, Judaism supports and encourages organ donation. 

  • Sikh

    Sikh teachings emphasise the importance of giving and putting others before oneself – and it’s believed the physical body is not needed in the continuous cycle of rebirth – a person’s soul is their real essence.


Deciding to donate one’s organs and tissue is a very personal matter. Everyone has a choice. Here, Shaykh Hassan Rabbani, Muslim Chaplain at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, provides an Islamic perspective on organ and tissue donation.


Surjit Singh Chowdhary (MBE) is President of the Central Gurdwara Singh Sabha and a volunteer for Kidney Research. In this short film Mr Chowdhary explores whether organ and tissue donation is permitted in Sikhism, highlighting that everyone has a choice.