Why do I need to register?

We need everyone to record their donation decision.
Whatever you decide, please tell your family and friends. 

Why it’s important that you make a donation decision and record it

Donation is a personal decision and you have a choice about whether or not you want to donate.

The easiest way to record your donation decision is on the NHS Organ Donor Register. This is a simple process and only takes a few minutes. Whatever you decide, it is important to tell your family and friends as it will make it easier for them to honour your decision. 

When it comes to life-saving transplants, time is a key factor. Specialist nurses will always check the NHS Organ Donor Register to see if you had recorded a donation decision, and they will share this information with your family to check that this was your latest view.

Record your decision.


What happens if I don’t register a decision?

If you do not register a donation decision, it will be considered that you agree to donate certain organs and tissue for transplantation.

Your family and friends will still be consulted about your latest views to ensure that donation does not proceed if you would not have wanted it to.  

Under the opt out system, there are certain groups of people who the law does not apply.  This means that if a person in one of these groups dies in a way that means they could donate, and they haven’t already recorded a donation decision, then their closest family member will be asked whether they wish to authorise donation.  

The law.

Make sure you and your family know the facts

To help you make the right donation decision, you should read the facts. Your family and friends might also need time to discover the facts to help them make their own decision.

Pictured: Kidney recipient Malcolm Armstrong and family. Read his story here.

It makes a difference to your family too

If your family and friends know your donation decision it will make it easier for them to help ensure your decision is honoured. They can also make sure any particular needs you have in line with your faith or beliefs are taken into consideration.

Record your donation decision

It only takes a few minutes to record your decision. Learn more about the NHS Organ Donor Register and how you can record your decision.

Pictured: Heart recipient Morgan McComb. Read her story here.

Tell your family

Whatever you decide, it’s important to share your donation decision. If something were to happen to you unexpectedly, would those closest to you know what your latest decision was about organ and tissue donation? So be sure to tell your family and friends as this will make it easier for them to help ensure that your decision is honoured.