A Hindu perspective on organ and tissue donation

Is organ and tissue donation permitted for Hindus?

Organ and tissue donation is the gift of an organ and/or tissue to help someone who needs a transplant.

There are many references that support organ donation in Hindu scriptures. “Daan” and “Seva” are two of the cardinal principles of the Hindu faith. “Daan” is the original word in Sanskrit for donation, meaning selfless giving. In the list of the ten Niyamas (virtuous acts) “Daan” comes third. “Seva” refers to service and, by donating, one serves selflessly.

Life after death is a strong belief of Hindus and is an ongoing process of rebirth. The law of Karma (your actions influence your future) decides your soul’s destiny following reincarnation. 

Further information

Read our guide to organ and tissue donation and Hindu beliefs which is available in the following languages:

Film about Hindu perspective on organ and tissue donation

  • Register your decision

    Donation is a personal decision and you have a choice whether or not you wish to become a donor. Learn more about the NHS Organ Donor Register and how to record your decision. 

  • Who can become a donor?

    All of us can do something to help, whatever our age and whatever our health. 

  • What can I donate?

    You can choose what organs and tissue you do or don't want to donate. 

Making your choice

Choosing to become an organ donor is a personal decision.  You could seek advice from your religious leaders if you have any doubts about organ donation related to your faith.

Whatever your decision, it’s important your family know what you want.  This will make it easier for them to help ensure that your donation decision is honoured.


Supporting your faith and beliefs

We are committed to supporting your faith and beliefs throughout the organ or tissue donation process.

If you register a decision to become an organ and tissue donor, you can also record on the NHS Organ Donor Register whether your faith/belief is important and should be considered as part of the donation discussion.

Our full faith and beliefs commitment

Medini Prasad Mishra (Acharya Ji), Senior Priest, Hindu Mandir, Glasgow

“In the Hindu religion, protection and sanctity of all living beings – humans and animals, is perceived to the most noble act. For human beings donating blood or organs is considered a noble and generous act and importance in saving human lives. One does get greater fulfilment being engaged in these noble deeds”