Julie Glen

Julie Glen is a Living Donor Transplant Co-ordinator at Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, Glasgow.

Why did you choose transplant as a speciality?

I have always worked with patients with kidney disease, and knew the role of Living Donor Transplant Co-ordinator would allow me to facilitate the life changing difference a transplant makes both for the recipient and those around them.

How would you describe your role?

Very much looking after the donor. We deal with all enquiries from people interested in finding out more about living donation, and with those who wish to move forward - we organise their assessment, operation and follow up. We need to ensure the donor, recipient and their families are fully informed and aware of all the risks and benefits.

What have been the most significant advances in transplantation in your view?

Being able to offer living donor transplantation for people who are incompatible (don’t match), either through the kidney sharing scheme or direct transplant with increased anti-rejection treatment. These have made a huge difference to our living donor programme and who we can transplant

What is the most rewarding part of your role?

Giving the date of the transplant operation to a donor/recipient pair when the assessment is complete – and going to see them afterwards.

What advice would you give anyone considering donating a kidney?

Get in touch with us!!!