Educational Resources

Educational Resources

Educational Resources

These resources have been developed to educate children and young people about matters surrounding organ and tissue donation and transplantation. 

Young people are faced with choices about a whole range of issues and these resources are designed to raise awareness of their choices and help them to make an informed, educated decision around donation.  

Who are these resources for?

These resources provide information, videos and activities for primary and secondary schools, colleges and in community-based learning and can be used to support the delivery of RMPS, PSE, Biology, and Psychology lessons in mainstream and specialist settings and in non-denominational and denominational schools.

  • Resource for Primary Schools

    The primary school resource is for P6 and P7 pupils and is focused around organ and tissue transplantation, how our bodies work and what organs can be transplanted. It also contains videos of organ recipients talking about their experiences as well as classroom activities. 

  • Resource for Secondary Schools

    This resource contains information about organ and tissue donation and transplantation, with a key focus around the choices young people have around making a decision about donation as they reach their 16th birthday in line with the  opt out system of organ and tissue donation. They also contain a range of videos and classroom activities. 

A safe learning environment

Organ and tissue donation and transplantation can be an emotive topic and discussing it can provoke a range of responses.

The resources feature videos of transplant recipients talking about their experiences, a young boy receiving kidney dialysis and a member of a donor family talking about the death of a loved one who became an organ donor. 

This also may be a sensitive issue for some pupils as they may have personal and family experience of donation and transplantation, or they do not support it on religious grounds, or believe their religions do not permit it.

Guidance for creating a safe learning environment

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