What tissue you can donate

One tissue donor can potentially enhance the lives of many people.

Just as importantly as organ donation, some donors will also be able to donate tissue. The tissues donated by one donor can enable up to eleven people to benefit from tissue transplant surgery.

Unlike organ donation, it may be possible to donate tissue up to 24 hours after death for corneas and up to 48 hours after death for heart valves and tendons. Tissue donation is occasionally possible for people who die outside hospital, but most tissue donors normally need to die in a hospital.  So, every opportunity for donation is very precious.

The Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service (SNBTS) supplies many human tissues and cells for transplantation in Scotland.

Find out more about tissue donation and paediatric and neonatal tissue donation and how this can dramatically improve the quality of life for recipients, and even save lives:

Types of tissue that can be donated

Tissue donation from living donors

Does my religion support it?

All the major religions in the UK support the principles of organ and tissue donation and transplantation, accepting that organ and tissue donation is an individual choice. 

Pictured: Kidney donor, Syma Shazad. Read her story here.