Survey on Organ Transplant Support and Aftercare

We want to hear about your experiences of using transplant services



In March 2021, the Scottish Government published its Donation and Transplantation Plan for Scotland: 2021-2026.

The Plan was developed with members of the Scottish Donation and Transplant Group (SDTG) and sets out recommendations in seven key priority areas.  One of the key priorities is Transplant Recipient Support and Aftercare.

This survey has been developed by a Working Group of the SDTG and aims to capture an up-to-date picture of patients’ views on transplant services in Scotland.

NHS National Services Division (NSD) commissions transplant services for people who live in Scotland. In 2020, a patient survey conducted by NSD identified a number of areas where the patient’s experience could be improved. These include communication between transplant units, local specialists, GPs and patients; the availability of information and advice; and access to emotional and psychological support for patients and their families.

During the pandemic, many services adopted new ways of seeing patients, offering remote monitoring and remote/online consultations. While this reduced the need to travel to hospital appointments, it is important to explore the impact of these changes on transplant patients.

Why your views matter

Patient feedback is essential to ensure that transplant services are meeting the needs of their patients.

We are undertaking this survey to seek the views of Scottish recipients of a solid organ transplant.  This includes those who have had one of the following organ transplants:

  • Heart
  • Lung
  • Kidney
  • Liver
  • Pancreas
  • Simultaneous pancreas-kidney
  • Simultaneous islet-kidney
  • Islet cells

Please only complete this survey if you live in Scotland and are aged 16 or over and have had an organ transplant from a deceased or living donor.  Or you can also complete it on behalf of someone (such as a family member) who has had a transplant, but is not able to complete the survey themselves.

We will produce a report outlining the findings from the survey which will be shared with the Scottish Donation and Transplant Group and with Transplant Units.  We do not intend to include any individual survey responses in the report; particular comments or suggestions may be included, but this will be done in a way that ensures no individuals can be identified from their comments.

The report will also be published on the Scottish Donation and Transplant Group page on the Scottish Government website.

Completing the survey

The survey opens on 25 September 2023 and closes on 29 December 2023.

The survey will take approximately 10 - 15 minutes to complete.

Please answer the questions based on your own experience, or if you are answering on someone else’s behalf, their experience of having an organ transplant.

If you have received more than one solid organ transplant, please complete one survey for each transplant experience.

The survey has six sections and 31 questions.  You do not need to answer all the questions if you do not want to. 


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Alternative versions of the survey

Transplant Patient Survey - Urdu

Transplant Patient Survey - Polish

Transplant Patient Survey - Cantonese

Transplant Patient Survey - Hindi

Transplant Patient Survey - Punjabi

Transplant Patient Survey - Mandarin

Easy Read Version - Part 1

Easy Read Version - Part 2


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